G60 Nationals prep events, Group lessons (September - December 2017) - Have Fun and Learn!

G60 dual rated Nationals prep events with GM analysis:

1. Friday 6:30pm - 10:00pm (clock starts at 6:45pm) events (14 classes: September 8,15,22,29, October 6,13,20,27, November 3,10,17, December 1,8,15)

2. Sunday 3:00pm - 7:00pm (clock starts at 3:15pm) events (10 classes: October 1,8,15,22,29 November 5,12,19, December 3,10)

Event description: G60 Dual rated (USCF and NW) Nationals, State and general preparatory games with recorded Grand Master analysis. Learn, practice how to think better, from your and others games! It is a great combination of a rated long time control tournament game and the instructing analysis in a group lesson on the spot. Open for K-12 students and their parents! Price: 6+ classes $50/class, 2-5 classes $60/class, 1 class $70/class. Sibling, family member same date 10% discount! USCF membership and pre-registration are required! Registration: email to gm.emilanka@chesssport.com or gm.emilanka@gmail.com. Payment by check, Chase Quickpay. Location: Young Explorers School, 16701 NE 80th St Redmond WA 98052

Group lessons:

3. Wednesday 5:30pm Grand Master group lessons (55min long) at Archimedes School in Redmond. Here is the Calendar, the Registration site, and the Address.

4. Friday 5:00pm ( 1hour long) Grand Master Beginner group class in Redmond. For more information please email to gm.emilanka@chesssport.com or gm.emilanka@gmail.com

Cancellation\rescheduling\general policies. For more information, registration, please email to gm.emilanka@chesssport.com or gm.emilanka@gmail.com