policies 2017

For all the transactions with credit card (if credit card payment is available for the event) there is a 5% cancellation fee with the minimum of $5. If cancels an event, customers will get 100% refund.

1. Camps: There is a $25 cancellation fee. Less than a week before the start it is $40. No refund by cancelleation 3 business days before the event starts, but there is an option to transfer the credit to another camp within 6 months.

2. Private lessons: The cancellation is $20/hour, but waived if make up lesson takes place within 7days.

3. Group lessons (Beginner, Intermediate): Monthly payment after choice, no refund, no class transfer to next month.

4. Supernationals and State prep classes: Credit has to be used before Supernationals 2017.

5. Supernationals Team: Cancellation fee $50. The remaining credit can be used for 2017 Grandmaster Camps.

6. After-school classes: No refund after classes started.

7. Late pick up, after care (Summer Camps 2017 please contact YES, their policy applies): After camps from 3:30pm-5:30pm is $5 for every half our. Extra late pickup: Starting 5:30pm (after 2hours) $20 + $1 for every additional minute. After any other events (private, group, after-school classes) late pick up fees will be charged the same way.

8. Late fees: All the fees have to be paid before, at the class, or at the first class of the event. For late payment an extra 10%-20% late fee might be applied.