policies 2017

For all the transactions with credit card (if credit card payment is available for the event) there is a 5% cancellation fee with the minimum of $5. If cancels an event, customers will get 100% refund.

1. Camps: There is a $25 cancellation fee. Less than a week before the start it is $40. No refund by cancelleation 3 business days before the event starts, but there is an option to transfer the credit to another camp the same year.

2. Private lessons: The cancellation with notice before the lesson is $20/hour, but waived if make up lesson takes place within 7days. Without notice, the full amount will be charged.

3. Group lessons (Beginner, Intermediate/Advanced): Monthly payment, no refund, no class transfer to next month. In case of absence you can ask for camp or nat'l prep class credit.

4. Nationals, State prep classes with rated tournament game, analysis: Credit has to be used before the session ends.

5. Nationals Team: Cancellation fee $50. The remaining credit can be used for Grandmaster Camps in the same year.

6. After-school classes: No refund after classes started.

7. Late pick up, after care: $5 for every half hour.

8. Late fees: All the fees have to be paid before, at the class, or at the first class of the event, otherwise late payment fee of 15% might be applied.