timur and emil first met

GM Timur Gareev with GM Emil Anka(Sept 24, 2013, Redmond WA)

Big boost for Seattle Sluggers 2013 Season, Super GM Timur Gareev and a funny story

US Team Chess Champion of 2012, Seattle Sluggers had a nightmare start at the beginning of the 2013 season, with 3 loses and 1 draw matches out of the first 4 rounds. For the 5th round, Super GM, Timur Gareev did show up to strengthen the Washington team, and it did work!! Seattle Sluggers beat San Francisco Mechanics 3-1!! There are 5 more matches to go until the playoffs, and with this essential victory, the door is open the reach it (there are 4 groups, with 4 teams in each, and the best 2 teams from each group - a total of 8 - will reach the playoff).

A funny story happened before the match started. When I arrived to the tournament location, I saw Grandmaster Timur, showing with enthusiasm to the Sluggers team players - guess what! - GM Richard Rapport games!! When I told him, I was coaching Richard for years, and his father is my childhood friend, we immediately found a great common subject. My first impression about Timur was very positive. I can also imagine, that a friendship started between us. Timur, big thanks for coming, bringing us a lots of fresh energy (and fruits!), and we cannot wait to see you again! (Emil Anka)